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Full Set of Extensions


Individual lash extensions are adhered to each natural lash, one at a time.  We offer classic, hybrid, and volume extensions to achieve the perfect look.  This service will take about 2 hours.

Lift and Tint


Natural lashes are permed and dyed using products specifically formulated for eyelashes. This is a great way to open up the eye without adding any volume.  This service will take about one hour.

Two Week Fill


Replace any lost extensions, remove any loose extensions, add new extensions to new growth lashes. 20% or less loss is generally considered a two-week fill.  1 hour is scheduled for two week fills.

Three Week Fill


Replace any lost extensions, remove any loose extensions, and add new extensions to new growth natural lashes. 20-40% loss if generally considered a three week fill. One and a half hours are scheduled for three week fills.

Introducing Boho Belle

inside of The Gilded Lily Lash Studio

Lena Pellock

Lash Extension Technician

Lena began her lash journey in October 2020 after taking the Gilded Lily Online Training course.  She now specializes in Hybrid and Volume Eyelash Extension sets!  Her favorite part of being a technician is giving women the confidence to embrace their natural beauty and be confident in themselves!

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to view her gorgeous portfolio or to book your appointment! @bohobellepdc

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

You are just amazing!!

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